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Google AdWords

Do you want more clients? Be where people are looking for you! Use Google AdWords Campaigns for visible and measurable results.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads not only your messages will get where they are bound to, but the campaign will also increase the leads for your targeted audiences.

Abandon Panel

Don’t worry about those who leave your website too early to know what you can offer. We got it! We know what it needs to successfully re-engage them!


What is the next step after you have a website? Getting Traffic! Search Engine Optimization is a great method to build quality traffic!

Web Design

If your website has a great, interactive and optimized interface, then you will certainly display trust and professionalism.

Graphic Design

A catchy design is always the best idea to create a unique experience.

Remarketing, Retargeting, Marketing Automation

Let’s have develop the opportunity to communicate again with those people who have already visited your site! And not with any type of messages, but with the ones they are interested in!

How it all works


In this very first stage, our main goal is building your website’s traffic, getting not just any traffic, but only high quality traffic. So, we identify the potential clients and attract new visitors who might be interested in your products and services. Whether they search on Google the type of products and services that you offer or if they already follow you on social media, it means that you are present in the right place and they eventually become valuable visitors accessing your website.
We use online marketing tools such as SEO, PPC Marketing, Social Media, etc. in order to get only quality traffic.


Step 2: Lead Generation

Benefits of Landing Pages:

Landing pages are very important for a company’s lead generation efforts. A good landing page will target a particular audience,  for instance, getting traffic from an e-mail campaign promoting a specific e-book or potential new visitors who click on a pay-per-click ad promoting a particular service.

Furthermore, it will personalize the visitor’s experience: with one click, the prospect will get exactly the information he wants.

Abandon Panel

Abandon Panel helps companies to minimize the website abandonment, it diminishes the bounce rate and boosts the conversions for each stage of sale.

How it works

It engages those people who are abandon your website. Abandon Panel brings together three key solutions for online shops: Product Recommendation, Promo codes and E-mail re-engagement.



Segmentation of users based on their activity on the site
Identification of the website’s visitors
Monitoring the contacts visiting your website

Unique sales knowledge about your client’s interests
Knowledge of time when the client’s sales need arises
Automated client segmentation according to their interests
More efficiency in using the database of your contacts
Ability to monitor user behaviour in response to marketing campaigns
Automated newsletters and targeted actions by customers on the site . This increases the effectiveness of e-mail marketing campaigns by 400% .
Automated SMS marketing campaigns implementation
Remarketing campaigns
The successful use of A/B testing tool
Complete statistics and reports delivery